Vintage French Shops For Kids, Baos sur le blog Handmade Charlotte!

Baos sur le blog Handmade Charlotte

« Art Deco Trans­formable Crib/Sofa & Bau­mann Desk and Chair
Avail­able for $643 and $290, respec­tively, from Baos.

If you’re look­ing for some­thing a bit more eye-catching, head on over to Baos. Based in Mar­seille, this online shop offers amaz­ing finds with strong graphic appeal. All would work per­fectly in a young child or a teen’s room. Why didn’t I have a play pen like this one in the 60s?

Don’t let lan­guage be a bar­rier! If you don’t under­stand French, online trans­la­tion tools are pretty accu­rate these days. »